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An Introduction to Allied Communications Publications

Allied Communications Publications (ACPs) are issued for the guidance and use of Allied Forces of the nations represented on the Combined Communications and Electronics Board (CCEB). ACPs are appropriate for use in any theater or part of the world; nothing will appear in the base publication that is solely of a national, or local theater, command or geographical significance. ACP Supplements are provided to cover specific national, command or geographic issues.

This site contains the latest, authorized version of ACPs and Supplements with an "Unclassified" security classification. For access to classified ACPs, Users should contact their national or organization coordinator.

** Denotes links to ACP Supplements can be located under the associated parent ACP

US Supplements and JANAPS are available US Supps and JANAPS

ACP Coordinators

Australia - Mr. Andrew Small

Canada - CPO2 Michael Chippa

New Zealand - VACANT

United Kingdom - Mr. Ian Scott

United States - Mr. Charles Capito
E-mail:Joint Staff, J6/DDC4/Interop Div/C-CB

CCEB - LCDR Paul Graham, RAN
E-mail: CCEB PS

NATO - MSgt Richard Starr, USAF
E-mail: NATO ACP Coordinator

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Unclassified ACPs - Numerical Listing

ACP 117 CAN-US SUPP(P) - Allied Routing Indicator Book - CAN-US

ACP 100(F) - Allied Call Sign and Address Group System - Instructions and Assignments
ACP 113(AI) - Call Sign Book for Ships
ACP 117(O)** - Allied Routing Indicator Book
ACP 117 SUPP-1(B) - Routing Indicator for NCSOs, REPTOFs and marcast Controllers
ACP 120 - Common Security Protocol
ACP 121(I) - Communication Instructions - General
ACP 122(G) - Information Assurance for Allied Comms and Information ★ NEW ★
ACP 123(B) - Common Messaging Strategy and Procedures
ACP 125(F) - Communication Instructions - Radio Telephone Procedures
ACP 126(C) - Communication Instructions - Teletypewriter (Teleprinter) Instructions
ACP 127(G)** - Communication Instructions - Tape Relay Procedures
ACP 128(A) - Allied Telecommunications Record System (ALTERS) Operating Procedures
ACP 130(A) - Communication Instructions - Signalling Procedures in the Visual Medium
ACP 131(F) - Communication Instructions - Operating Signals
ACP 132(A) - Field Generation and OTAD of COMSEC Key in Support of Tactical Operations and Exercises
ACP 133(D)** - Common Directory Services and Procedures
ACP 135(F) - Communication Instructions - Distress and Rescue Procedures
ACP 137 - Griffin Directory Services Technical Architecture
ACP 142(A) - P_MUL - A Protocol for Reliable Messaging in Bandwidth Constrained and Acknowledged (EMCON) Environments
ACP 145(A) - Interim Implementation Guide for ACP 123/STANAG 4406 Messaging Services Between Nations
ACP 150(D) - Recognition and Identification Instructions Air, Land and Sea Forces
ACP 160(E) - IFF/SIF Operational Procedures
ACP 167(J) - Glossary of Communication Electronic Terms
ACP 176(H) - Allied Naval and Maritime Air CIs
ACP 185 - Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Cross-Certification Between Combined Communications-Electronics Board (CCEB) Nations
ACP 190(D) - Guide to Electromagnetic Spectrum Management in Military Operations
ACP 193(A) - Ground Routing Protocol for use with Automatic Link Establishment (ALR) Capable HF Radios
ACP 194 - Policy for the Coordination of Military Electromagnetic Spectrum Allocations and Assignments Between Cooperating Nations
ACP 194 CCEB SUPP-1 - Policy and Procedures for the International Coordination of Military Radio Freq Allocations and Assignments
ACP 198(N) - Instructions for the Life Cycle Management of Allied Communications Publications (ACPs)
ACP 200(D) Vol 1 - Maritime and Mobile Tactical Wide Area Networking (MTWAN) Operating Instructions
ACP 200(D) Vol 2 - Maritime and Mobile Tactical Wide Area Networking (MTWAN) Technical Guidance ★ NEW ★
ACP 201 - Communications Instructions Internet Protocol (IP) Services
ACP 220(B) - Multinational VideoConferencing Services
ACP 230 - Pegasus Service Operations Management Framework (PSOM) (Under Development)

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