Radio-TNC Wiring Diagrams

For radio models: Kenwood with 8-pin modular (RJ-45) microphone connector

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Manufacturers have been known to change their usage of pins, please compare diagrams shown with the product's manual. Pins not shown may be used for other functions. Damage may occur if wrong connections are made.

Pins are labeled with the number of the pin, followed by the descriptive name used in Chapter 5 of What is your TNC doing?

8-pin Modular (RJ-45) Mic Connector



Pins are numbered 1 to 8 from left to right when looking at connector with the cable towards you, the locking mechanism down, and the connector pins facing up.

Pin 2 - Receive Signal
Pin 3 - Transmit Signal
Pin 5 - PTT
Pin 6 - Ground

Note: The Receive Signal is unsquelched (open squelch) audio. Many TNCs are defaulted to accept squelched audio. With unsquelched audio, the TNC will always be receiving noise and must be able to detect packet signals out of the noise. This is often accomplished with a TNC command for carrier detect or with an optional hardware DCD circuit.

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