Radio-TNC Wiring Diagrams

For hand-held radio models: Yaesu - FT-11, FT-530, FT-727 and similar models
Radio Shack - HTX-202, HTX-404

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Manufacturers have been known to change their usage of pins, please compare diagrams shown with the product's manual. Pins not shown may be used for other functions. Damage may occur if wrong connections are made.

Pins are labeled with the number of the pin, followed by the descriptive name used in Chapter 5 of What is your TNC doing?

Mic and Speaker Plugs

FT-11, FT-530, FT-727, HTX-202, HTX-404


Mic Plug (2.5 mm mono) to Mic Jack
Tip of plug - Transmit Signal through a 0.1 microfarad capacitor
Tip of plug - PTT through a 2.2 Kohm resistor

Speaker Plug (3.5 mm mono) to Speaker (SP) Jack
Tip of plug - Receive Signal
Sleeve of plug - Ground

Turn off battery saver

Or, wire with a transformer instead of a capacitor & resistor


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