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At a Ham Fest last year I purchased a Kenwood MC-60 microphone with the intention of using it with my ICOM IC-746 transceiver. Figuring out the microphone and PTT connections was pretty straight forward. However making the Up and Down switch work with my ICOM was not that straight forward. Kenwood uses separate lines for the Up and Down functions while ICOM uses one. Having other things to do at the time, I simply hooked up the microphone and the PTT switch and used it without the Up/Down function.

Now I'm sorry I took so long to get back to the project. After doing some investigation I figured out (using the original ICOM microphone) that the Up function on the ICOM was achieved by grounding pin 3 on the ICOM microphone connector. The Down function was done by grounding pin 3 through a 470 ohm resistor. The solution was simple. Add a 470 ohm resistor across pins 3 and 4 on the back of the connector in the base of the MC-60 and connect pin 4 of the microphone to pin 3 on the ICOM.

David M. Hitchner - hitchner@home.com
Baton Rouge, LA

KD5EIS - kd5eis@arrl.net.MODIFICATION.NET

Baton Rouge Area Scanning

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