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Elisabeth, DL2KCE
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The VX-6E can be easily modified to Transmit as follows:

140-174 MHz. and 420-470 MHz. Keeping the 600 KHz Shift on 2 meters and 7.6 MHz on 70 cm.

  • Remove the Battery

  • Peel the black plastic label out of the battery compartment.

  • There is a row of 8 solder pad jumpers. On the B2 version you will see jumpers at positions 2, 4 and 5. Counting from left to right using a bit of Solder Wick, remove the jumper at position number five.

  • Replace the black plastic label.

  • Replace the battery.

  • With the radio turned OFF Press and hold the MODE + 0 + V/M buttons and turn the radio ON. When the radio comes ON momentarily press the F/W button. See MICROPROCESSOR RESET on Page 85 of the Operations manual.

A word of caution. On some radios depending of the CPU Software, after making the modification you may loose the 1750Hz. Tone Call and or the ARS function.

Click to see in full scale.

55 es 73


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26-07-2006YAESU VX-6E (Euro B2 Version ) Frequency Extension Mod.    (Selected article)
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